Viadome picto automatic fall detection

Heavy falls, soft falls, inability to move, critical situations, loss of consciousness: Viadome analyzes, identifies and reports risk situations with reliability 24 hours a day.

Automatic sending of alarms

If a fall is suspected, an alarm is sent automatically to alert the family or the assistance center. The beneficiary does not have to activate anything.


The amount of data collected continuously increases the accuracy and speed of analysis while eliminating nuisance triggers.


Thanks to 2-zone fall detectors and continuous analysis of behavioral data, Viadome quickly and accurately detects falls and automatically issues an alarm. The savings in intervention time can reduce post-traumatic consequences.

Operates continuously 24 hours a day

Remain confident and serene day and night thanks to the permanent monitoring.

Viadome watches over you 24/7, day and night.


Our software and proprietary algorithms continuously analyze all the data transmitted by the housing sensors and adapt to the profile of each beneficiary.

Motion detector

The system analyzes the resident's life habits, establishes a predictive actimetric profile and sends a configurable alert when it detects a change in behavior.

Teleassistance for a couple

The Viadome remote assistance system can be installed in a single person's home or in a couple's home. The fall detection strategy will be adapted to the presence of both people. If one of the persons is away from home to do something, they will be alerted if the other person falls.

If the beneficiary lives alone, the system will detect the presence of additional people in the home. The dashboard will continuously indicate if the unit is empty, if one person is present, or if more than one person is present.

Temperature detection

This information allows to monitor the comfort of the home and to alert in case of anomalies. For example: temperature too low or too high in one or more rooms, lack of light in a room, etc.

The dashboard and the statistical graphs allow a real time follow-up of the beneficiary's activity and a fine analysis of the behavior.


Each installation is fully supervised in order to take the necessary measures in case of power failure, disconnection of the Viadome station, or low battery of a Viadome sensor.

Viadome teleassistance for individuals

FROM 39€90 / month or 19€95 after tax credit

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Artificial intelligence for the safety of seniors

  • Predictive profile

    The information collected by the sensors is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence algorithms in real time to create a unique profile of the user and to learn their life habits, for example their usual time of waking, bedtime, their daily activity level.

    When a change in lifestyle occurs (e.g., not leaving the room in the morning, wandering at night, decreased activity, etc.), an alert is sent to the family member.

  • Comfort alerts

    Viadome can also alert you when the temperature in a room drops suddenly (open window in winter, heating failure) or on the contrary is too high (heat wave).