Automatic telecare, nothing to wear or activate

Nothing to wear, nothing to operate

The system is fully automated. Viadome watches over you 24 hours a day without you having to take any action or learn how to use any device. Security in complete freedom!

Automatic sending of alarms

Automatic alarm

In the event of a risky situation (fall, immobilization...), the system automatically triggers an alarm to the close caregivers or the assistance platform, depending on the subscription option chosen.


Easy installation without nails or screws

The Viadome system is easy to install in your home or independent residence. No special tools are required!

Some key figures

Falling when you are old,
consequences that can be serious

90% of falls in the elderly occur at home


of falls among the elderly occur at home

85% of emergency room admissions for people over 70


of emergency room admissions of seniors over 70 are due to a fall

8% of falls result in a fracture


of falls in the elderly result in a fracture

1/3 of people over 65 fall during the year


of people over 65 fall during the year

The fall of an elderly person is a very real risk that can leave important physiological or physical after-effects if help is not provided in time.

The lack of rapid care can have serious consequences on the person's recovery, with a risk of loss of autonomy that results in the impossibility of returning home after hospitalization and entry into an EHPAD.

Each year, 2 million falls of people over 65 years old are responsible for more than 10,000 deaths.

With our solution of remote assistance without material to be carried, the detection of fall is automatic, fast and allows a care without delay .

Prévenir la fragilisation des personnes âgées et détecter les chutes

Détection de chutes

Viadome analyse en continu l’activité dans le logement et détecte tous les types de chutes (lourdes, molles), immobilisations ou perte de connaissance. Il déclenche alors automatiquement une alarme vers les proches ou vers le plateau d’assistance.

Prévention de la fragilisation

Viadome envoie des alertes paramétrables vers les proches lorsque l’activité au sein du logement est inhabituelle : sur ou sous-activité, déambulation nocturne, sortie de logement, température du logement trop élevée ou trop basse.

Powerful features

  • Automatic fall detection

  • Enhanced reliability

  • 24/7 security

  • Saves detection time

  • Preventive alerts

  • Temperature and luminosity monitoring

  • Dashboard

  • And many other features...

All features
Viadome constantly monitors the safety and well-being of beneficiaries, day and night.

24 hour analysis

Viadome constantly monitors the safety and well-being of residents, day and night.

The computer programs and proprietary software continuously analyze the signals sent by all the sensors: fall detection, movement detection, temperature, luminosity.

  • Falls

    Automatic detection of all types of falls (heavy, soft) with or without loss of consciousness, immobilization.

  • Predictive analysis

    Artificial Intelligence algorithms establish a unique profile of the beneficiary and learn his or her lifestyle habits. When the observed behavior differs from the predictive one, Viadome detects an anomaly and generates an alert.

  • Type of anomalies detected

    • Moving in the dark
    • Over or under activity
    • Over or under frequentation of a room (example: toilets)
    • Night stroll
    • Temperature too high or too low
    • No use of the refrigerator
  • Prevention

    Viadome reports provide the caregiver with decision support to improve the environment and comfort of the beneficiary.

Typical installation of the Viadome system in an apartment
Typical installation of the Viadome system in a 3 room apartment

The configuration may vary depending on the home to be equipped.

The dwelling is equipped with Viadome detectors, the resident has nothing to wear!

The 2-zone automatic fall detectors are fixed on the walls of the rooms of the dwelling to be equipped (the most used rooms) using a simple Velcro adhesive pre-pasted on the back of the boxes, without nails or screws, as well as a vibration sensor placed on the front door.

To collect behavioral information, additional sensors can be placed in the refrigerator, bed, chair, etc.

The information is centralized by the station (connected to the housing's internet box and to the mains) and then transmitted to our servers hosted in France.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms and proprietary computer programs continuously analyze all the data received.

In the event of a fall, an alarm is automatically sentto the family or to the assistance center, which will check for any doubts. If necessary, the emergency services intervene.

With Viadome, the new generation of non-intrusive remote assistance, it is simple and easy to be protected 24 hours a day.

The Viadome activity index

The Viadome activity indicator

The exclusive indicator important for the prevention of frailty

The activity index available in the dashboard measures the vitality of the beneficiary every day. A sudden or progressive variation in the volume of daily activity can detect a change in behavior (daily fatigue, insomnia, etc.) and provide a preventive solution.

A decrease in activity - such as less traffic in the home - can be a warning sign of frailty (fatigue, depression) and allows you to intervene and understand the causes. On the other hand, a nightly agitation can mean the occurrence of sleep disorders or anxiety.

The Viadome dashboard

  • A benevolent and discreet

  • Configurable alerts

  • A daily activity report

  • Access controlled by the beneficiary