The fall of the elderly, consequences that can be serious

Whether it occurs at home, in an independent residence or in a nursing home, a fall can have serious long-term consequences on an elderly person 's health: loss of autonomy, disability, psychological shock...

The later the fall is detected, the higher the risk of loss of autonomy. It is essential that emergency services intervene quickly in order to limit the time spent on the ground and the traumatic impacts.

Thanks to our patented dual-zone sensors, the Viadome remote assistance solution detects a fall more quickly and automatically sends an alarm, even if the person is unconscious or immobilized.

The innovative Viadome technology

Viadome has designed a new efficient and innovative solution of automatic fall detection and actimetry coupled with a predictive algorithm with a 2-zone motion detector.
Viadome remote assistance detector 2 zones: upper and lower

The Viadome 2 zone detector

Le détecteur Viadome 2 zones différencie les positions verticales, horizontales ainsi que les transitions entre ces deux états. Il collecte de nombreuses informations et analyse en temps réel les mouvements à l’intérieur du logement.
Couplée à nos programmes d’intelligence artificielle, la téléassistance Viadome détecte plus rapidement et automatiquement les chutes ainsi que les situations à risque .
L’innovation exclusive de Viadome réside dans la division de l’espace de détection en deux zones distinctes et indépendantes (supérieure et inférieure), ce qui accélère la détection des chutes et des positions au sol et renforce la fiabilité des informations.

Automatic alarm triggering

The detector registers a fall when the person transitions from the green zone to the orange zone. If there is no recovery in the green zone and after analyzing the data from the detector network, the system automatically triggers an alarm.

Reliability and speed of the alarm

Viadome allows the detection of a heavy or soft fall with more reliability and speed: an alert is then automatically sent to the relatives or to an assistance platform, allowing a quicker removal of doubt and, if necessary, the intervention of the emergency services.

Discreet, intelligent and versatile detectors

Each detector collects essential information that our proprietary algorithms and computer programs analyze 24 hours a day. The beneficiary is neither filmed nor listened to, and privacy is preserved in all rooms.

Motion detector

Motion detection

Temperature detection

Temperature monitoring

Viadome picto automatic fall detection

Fall detection

Viadome light sensor

Brightness control

Comfort of living

With the collection and permanent analysis of temperature and luminosity data inside each room of the equipped home, Viadome analyzes the living conditions of the beneficiary and can alert on the existence of abnormal situations:

  • Temperature too high: hot conditions...

  • Temperature too low: heating failure, window left open in winter

  • Abnormal lighting: shutters left closed during the day, light not turned off at night

  • Fridge failure

The advantages of Viadome remote assistance

  • Exclusive remote assistance solution

    Viadome is an exclusive teleassistance solution, an automatic, rapid and efficient emergency service. Whether they live alone or as a couple, at home or in an independent residence, elderly people equipped with Viadome remote assistance live serenely, safely and independently.

  • Automatic teleassistance without constraints

    Viadome works entirely automatically: the beneficiary has nothing to wear, nothing to operate, no button to press, alarms are issued automatically. Viadome is free and without constraints!

  • 2-zone fall detection

    Thanks to its patented 2-zone wall-mounted fall detector, Viadome offers a new non-intrusive remote assistance technology that allows for quick and effective intervention by family and friends, staff of independent residences, seniors' homes or professional help, depending on the situation.

  • Dashboard

    With the dashboard accessible on the private page of the Viadome website, family members and authorized caregivers can follow the activity of the beneficiary in real time. It is also possible to receive e-mail alerts (configurable) when an abnormal situation requires verification.

The main features of Viadome remote assistance

Viadome picto automatic fall detection

Heavy or soft falls, loss of consciousness, Viadome continuously analyzes and identifies risk situations with reliability.

Automatic sending of alarms

It is not necessary to press a button to alert the relatives or the assistance platform, even with loss of consciousness.

Automatic telecare, nothing to wear or activate

Viadome is neither restrictive nor stigmatizing. Safety in complete freedom!

Operates continuously 24 hours a day

Remain confident and serene day and night thanks to the permanent monitoring.

Teleassistance for a couple

One person can be away from home and still be alerted if the other falls.

Viadome picto triggered by gesture

Conveniently, an alarm can be triggered voluntarily with a simple hand gesture.

Discover all the features

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Viadome, the fully automatic remote assistance without constraints

  • Automatic remote assistance

    Viadome detects falls and risk situations and sends an alarm or alert without the need for the beneficiary to act. Family members, caregivers or emergency services are notified even in the event of loss of consciousness or immobilization. Everything is automated to relieve the anxiety of the beneficiaries and to reinforce their confidence.

  • Teleassistance without constraints

    The beneficiary is not constrained by the stigmatizing wearing of an alarm button, a connected bracelet, an accelerometer: nothing to wear, nothing to operate! The home is equipped, not the beneficiary.
    After installation, the Viadome system, discreet and neutral, is forgotten and the beneficiary is protected in complete freedom.


Viadome, the fast and reliable remote assistance

  • Fast teleassistance

    Thanks to its 2-zone fall detectors, the new Viadome remote assistance solution reduces the time it takes to detect a fall and speeds up the care of the beneficiary.

  • Reliable remote assistance

    Viadome detectors continuously collect a lot of information (movement, falls, temperature, luminosity) in all equipped rooms, which allows fora precise diagnosis of each situation. The Artificial Intelligence at the heart of our proprietary computer programs makes the decision to send an alarm more reliable.

Artificial intelligence for the safety of seniors

  • Predictive profile

    The information collected by the sensors is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence algorithms in real time to create a unique profile of the user and to learn their life habits, for example their usual time of waking, bedtime, their daily activity level.

    When a change in lifestyle occurs (e.g., not leaving the room in the morning, wandering at night, decreased activity, etc.), an alert is sent to the family member.

  • Comfort alerts

    Viadome can also alert you when the temperature in a room drops suddenly (open window in winter, heating failure) or on the contrary is too high (heat wave).

The Viadome activity index

The activity index measures the recipient's vitality every day

L’indicateur exclusif important
pour la prévention de la fragilité

The activity index measures the vitality of the beneficiary every day. A sudden or progressive variation in the volume of daily activity makes it possible to detect a change in behavior (daily fatigue, insomnia, etc.) and to provide a preventive solution.

The Viadome dashboard

  • A benevolent and discreet

    With the dashboard accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone, stay informed 24 hours a day of your loved one's activity and receive configurable alerts in case of anomaly or risk situation.

Access to the private area
General information table
General information table Viadome

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The general information table shows the number of people in the dwelling and the level of risk, as well as for each room of the dwelling equipped: the last recorded motion detection, the brightness, the temperature (range) and the battery status of each detector and sensor

Continuous activity table
Viadome continuous activity chart

Click on the image to enlarge it

The continuous activity table presents the actimetry readings over 24 hours as well as the occupancy status of the dwelling (empty / 1 person / 2 persons or more)

Alerts setting table
Configure all alert parameters on the settings page according to the desired level of information
Zoom in on the alert setting table

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It is possible to configure all the parameters of the alerts on the settings page according to the desired level of information

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